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Who we are

We are a unique Company in Colombia, specialized in marketing massive consumer products from companies with no interest in directly serve the market, but offering a unique combination: great strength in sales and distribution, combined with a high marketing component.


Our Strengths

  • Proven ability to launch and position new products in the Colombian market.
  • Ability to distribute and reach the maximum number of outlets that their products should be.
  • A committed group of talented professionals to their brand.
  • ¡We are your team in Colombia!
  • Strong financial support and a broad physical and technological infrastructure with long term vision.



We were founded in 1991 under the name Bambusa Limited, engaged in manufacturing and marketing of chopsticks, skewer sticks and other products from wood; soon we made a transcendent turn in the business to start importing other consumer goods.

Since then we have grown through the careful selection of new lines that provide to Colombian customers a better choice value (cost-benefit) in the categories in which we participate.

Simultaneously we are working to grow and consolidate our distribution network and strengthen our marketing skills.

Today we can say that more than 20 years of continuous growth are our main letter of presentation.


Human Talent

We are particularly proud of our team of collaborators, a professional group highly committed, with solid experience in their respective areas, among which stand out sales and marketing, distribution, new products development, international trade and logistics.

Our team through a wide network and supported by a highly recognized commercial reputation, provide a sense specially tuned to detect local trends, giving us advantages to seize the opportunities that we have in the local market.

Additionally, our philosophy safeguards the highest moral and ethical standards in all our efforts, ensuring the same for their products and brands in our market.



Our offices and warehouses are strategically located in the West side of Bogotá city, offering easy access to main roads of transportation. We have 3200 square meters of storage space and 3000 pallet positions, as well as modern equipment for material handling.

Our entire operation is controlled by SAP Business One software, global leader in business information tool that constitutes a key element of success for businesses today.

We perform ongoing imports of more than 12 global origins; we have excellent relationships with major international shipping as well as with customs and port authorities, which allows us to quickly and efficiently bring the most varied products from anywhere in the world.

In addition we have created a specialized department that is in charge of the logistics of the dispatch of all our orders nationwide, from small packages to full containers, optimizing loading and transport resources to serve our customers in the most economical and fast possible way.

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