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Our Approach



In our market opportunities abound for brands that can offer a better value option to Colombian consumers.

In this order of ideas, we are always looking for categories of products where we can get a superior proposal that includes, among other aspects, the following:


  • Being a new option to a category with few brands
  • oHaving a clear advantage in terms of cost-benefit for consumers
  • Offering high quality standards as well as attractive and functional packaging
  • Support of the suppliers that allow us to position and strengthen the brand in our market.

ATL - Above The Line



We are aware that in the case of some products or in specific stages of marketing is necessary design the Above The Line activities, so we have developed partnerships with specialized advertising agencies with proven skills.

We are capable for develop and design massive advertising campaigns through traditional and non-traditional media.




BTL - Below The Line



We specialize in advertising and marketing activities Below The Line we have a coordination of Trade Marketing; we firmly believe that the vast majority of purchase decisions are made by the consumer at the sale point that is why we strive to make our products are displayed prominently and our promotions and incentives are clear and visible at the sale point.

Prominent among others, the following activities:

  • Tastings and sampling
  • P.O.P. Material
  • Catalogs and training to sales force
  • Contests to sellers and dependents
  • Participation in events and trade fairs
  • Stores occupation
  • Promotions and catches
  • Merchandising and impulse
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